World and Folk Instruments

The Cascha range of Harmonicas and Melodicas provide a great way for playing music on the go.

The Cascha Blues Harmonica is perfect for beginners through to advanced musicians. It’s always handy and you can learn to play it quick and easy. It’s a suitable instrument for either solo playing or in combination with other instruments such as guitar or ukulele. The perfect tuning of the harmonica allows you to play single tones as well as multiple tones at once with ease. The Cascha Blues harmonica with it’s high quality brass reed plates, easy to clean plastic comb, plastic hard case and cleaning cloth is the perfect instrument for beginners which will bring joy to even an advanced player.

The melodica by CASCHA is the ideal instrument for entering the world of music. Its simple playing technique makes it particularly suitable for young musicians. You blow air into the melodica and play different notes by pressing the keys. The melodica is played with one hand and the mouthpiece. You can also place it on the table, connect the tube and play it with both hands at the same time.