Ambipoly Bb Clarinet Vivace Cut
Ambipoly Bb Clarinet Vivace Cut
Ambipoly Bb Clarinet Vivace Cut
Ambipoly Bb Clarinet Vivace Cut
Ambipoly Bb Clarinet Vivace Cut
Ambipoly Bb Clarinet Vivace Cut
Ambipoly Bb Clarinet Vivace Cut

Ambipoly Bb Clarinet Vivace Cut

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Designed for the next generation, VIVACE opens up new possibilities. VIVACE enables flexible and creative play with freer blowing and full harmonics in all registers.

TIP: Wider

VAMP: Standard heart and vamp

SOUND: Round sound with faster response, Unprecedented projection with wider spectrum, For for orchestra and chamber performance, Absolutely brilliant high notes for contemporary music

About the profile:

Vivace is the perfect reed choice for players already comfortable playing a synthetic reed. Vivace is ideal for the soloist, orchestral or jazz player because it produces quick response with minimal effort. This reed is full of a vibrant, colorful sonority with less “cover” resulting in a more direct, clear and up-front sound.

Vivace plays with an equal projection to other reeds but also with a larger volume. Importantly, Vivace has a depth and complexity of tonal colors that affords the clarinetist interesting timbral choices.

The altissimo has been re-engineered, up to fourth-octave altissimo C, and competes with any reed on the market for clarity, response and intonation. With a high degree of flexibility, Vivace will respond in a robust manner to increases of intensity. Similarly, the reed’s greater dynamic range reduces to a clear whisper with minimal reed noise.

About the material:

Ambipoly. Simply a better reed.

All of our Ambipoly reeds feature these great benefits, without the hassle of dealing with cane:

  • Concert-ready warm and round sound with immediate response and clarity
  • Feels and plays like cane, not strange plastic
  • Rich harmonics over a full dynamic range
  • Clear altissimo
  • Secure articulation and intonation
  • Stable to temperature, humidity and altitude variation
  • Guaranteed consistency that does not gradually degrade with use
  • Absorbs and retains water for harmonic coherence
  • Perfectly customizable with your favorite reed tool
  • Food-grade synthetic material
  • Expected lifespan: 12+ months
  • Never splinters, no micro cracks
  • Pairs to your mouthpiece like cane

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