Copy of Ambipoly A1 Reed Baritone Sax - Classic Cut

Copy of Ambipoly A1 Reed Baritone Sax - Classic Cut

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About the profile:

Representing a new and exciting evolution in reed making, Ambipoly Classic saxophone reeds are the next step in the legacy of traditional reed making, updated for the 21st century. Emulating the profile of a traditional saxophone reed, the Ambipoly Classic is defined by a standard vamp and heart with a traditional tip, and is characterized by a warm, round and robust timbre, with lively response and great projection. The Ambipoly Classic reed will perform superbly from the small club to the grand concert hall, and all venues between.

About the material:

Ambipoly. Simply a better reed.

All of our Ambipoly reeds feature these great benefits, without the hassle of dealing with cane:

  • Concert-ready warm and round sound with immediate response and clarity
  • Feels and plays like cane, not strange plastic
  • Rich harmonics over a full dynamic range
  • Clear altissimo
  • Secure articulation and intonation
  • Stable to temperature, humidity and altitude variation
  • Guaranteed consistency that does not gradually degrade with use
  • Absorbs and retains water for harmonic coherence
  • Perfectly customizable with your favorite reed tool
  • Food-grade synthetic material
  • Expected lifespan: 12+ months
  • Never splinters, no micro cracks
  • Pairs to your mouthpiece like cane

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