pBone Mini in Blue
Jiggs pBone Mini Plastic Trombone Eb
Jiggs pBone Mini Plastic Trombone Eb

Jiggs pBone Mini Plastic Trombone Eb

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The smaller and lighter trombone, perfect for little hands.
A mini trombone ideal for young beginners Easy to play
The pBone Mini is both smaller and lighter (less than half the weight!) than traditional brass trombone. The light weight aids your child’s ability to develop good technique and posture and means their arms won’t get tired as quickly; they can enjoy playing for longer and progress faster! Great value
Fantastic value for money, the pBone Mini costs around a third of the price of beginner brass trombones. It comes with everything your child needs to play straight away: a smart fabric carry bag which is perfect for rushing between lessons/school/band, a unique plastic mouthpiece designed to help children play a wide range of notes, and an array of supporting online learning resources. Hassle free
Brass trombones are easily dented, damaged and high maintenance. Because our pBone Mini is made from plastic it is extremely durable and strong, and can withstand the inevitable rough treatment it may receive wherever you take it! Low maintenance and robust the pBone Mini is a worry free, dependable and fun trumpet. Progress with ease
The pBone Mini plays exactly the same way as a pBone. This means the skills your child develops playing the pBone Mini can be transferred to playing a pBone when they are a little older and bigger. SPECIFICATIONS 7-inch Bell
Weighs 1.8 pounds
Bag included
Lockable slide
Pitched in Eb
Water key
Plastic Material
2 colours Available
pBone mini, small shank

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